Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seriously? (*updated regularly*)

A little more of the ridiculous solicitation conversations I have had....

From: dumbasaboxofrocks        
10/23/11 1:04 PM   
hey im about a half hour from s******. Can i come worship your feet for 20 bucks?


dude : hi
lady.julianna : hello
dude : how are you
lady.julianna : I am well thank you
lady.julianna : how many people did you copy and paste the same message to?
dude : just a few i am sorry i sent it you you
lady.julianna) : Did you get many replies?
dude : yea a few said they were out of town
lady.julianna : oh thats a shame
lady.julianna : where do you live
dude : i am from *****
lady.julianna : oh that's right, you said that
dude : i am at the ***** this week for job traning
lady.julianna : Are you going to be working in *****? Or just training here?
dude : our home office is up here i ll be working in binghamton
lady.julianna : Then why are you looking for someone in S*****?
dude : something to do while i am up here
lady.julianna : I see
lady.julianna : well unfortuantely I am looking for something more substantial than a one time/one week thing. Sorry
dude : i am kinda looking to acualy have some experences
lady.julianna : Thats all well and good but you live in ******
lady.julianna : why dont you look there? They have their own kink group and everythign
dude : there is nothing ever going on
lady.julianna : at the *****n Kink Society?! Yes there is, they are very active
lady.julianna : They have all kinds of events posted, including a halloween party
dude : i have been kinda scared to go out in my own town
lady.julianna : well that's not something I can help you with
lady.julianna : i love the list of excuses though, thats cute
dude : i dont mean to make a list
lady.julianna : well first you said they dont do anything
lady.julianna : which is untrue
lady.julianna : then it was somethign else
dude : so i brought most of my cock toys with me i live with parents thats the real problem i cant do much
lady.julianna : you live with your parents, so you cant go to a party?
dude : they always ask were i am going
lady.julianna : "to a party"
lady.julianna : you're a grown man, act like one
dude : i am a sissy
lady.julianna : well again, I am looking for someone local
dude : oh k
lady.julianna : your best bet is to join ****** Kink Society. Good luck!
dude : thanks
dude : looks like you have tons of toys
lady.julianna : I have a dungeon
dude : do you know anyone else in the area that would be intrested ?
lady.julianna : in a one time thing with someone they havent met? no. everyone wants to meet several times before playing. thats just standard
dude : i would love to meet some one i mean i can drive up here
lady.julianna : well you sent out a ton of emails
lady.julianna : was anyone interested?
dude : the ones that were out of town
lady.julianna : or so they say
lady.julianna : anyway even if i DID know someone, I wouldnt "set someone up" with someone I dont know, thats just not safe
dude : oh k


Is there a good sub out there? One with sense in his head? Please?!
 bitchwithballs on 6/13/11 at 3:13 PM:

Hello Mistress I read the entire profile. How do i become more to you?

LadyJulianna on 6/13/11 at 3:15 PM:

If you read the entire profile, you would have seen the instructions at the bottom. 

bitchwithballs on 6/13/11 at 3:16 PM:

I did, I'm just lazy.

on 6/13/11 at 3:37 PM:

umm... ok.

Well you have a nice day then.

Fulton, New York

hello my names **** im 20 years old and im into cock and ball torture :)
Lady_Julianna 32F
Syracuse, New York

hello my name is Julianna, and I am into damn near everything.
Fulton, New York

do you kick men in the balls?
Lady_Julianna 32F
Syracuse, New York

I've been known to be a fan of ball busting
Fulton, New York

i bet you could make me scream ;)
 Lady_Julianna 32F
Syracuse, New York

I am sure I could.

Fulton, New York

how bout i let you own my balls?
Lady_Julianna 32F
Syracuse, New York

lol wow, own your balls after exchanging a handful of short messages, eh?
No reply (not that I expected one. ROFL)
Clueless 6/2/11 at 12:16 AM:
Hello Mistress, I am looking to be used and exploited by a beautiful Mistress. I can only do 24/7 live in as I don't have a car and cannot come to see you as regularly as you would probably want, and I can't host because I live with my mom. I have physical restrictions that stop me from doing any hard work, such as lifting, heavy cleaning and yard work, Mistress but I would be willing to serve you in any way you desire. I have been laid off from my job for many months, so I have plenty of free time to serve you with no interruptions. Please reply.

LadyJulianna on 6/2/11 at 12:44 AM:
This is a joke, right?
LeonardoRetardo 6/1/11 at 11:44 PM:
You're hot.

LadyJulianna on 6/1/11 at 11:47 PM:

LeonardoRetardo 6/2/11 at 12:04 AM:
Can I meet you?

LadyJulianna on 6/2/11 at 12:09 AM:
No, but thanks.

LeonardoRetardo 6/2/11 at 12:11 AM:
You have cam?

LadyJulianna on 6/2/11 at 12:17 AM:
This is a D/s personals site. Perhaps you are looking for or something of that nature?

LeonardoRetardo 6/2/11 at 12:23 AM:
You're so hot. When can I meet you?

LadyJulianna on 6/2/11 at 12:40 AM:
That would be a big fat NEVER but thanks. Enjoy the block bin.

*****on 6/1/11 at 9:45AM
may i please worship yo?

LadyJulianna on 6/1/11 at 12:22 PM:
If you take the time to write an appropriate introductory letter, maybe.

*****on 6/1/11 at 12:41 PM:
Hello, my name is M******. I have a lot of tattoos and am very tall. I also have a beard. Let me worship you.

LadyJulianna on 6/1/11 at 6:54 PM:
um no. but thanks.


shitforbrains on 5/15/11 at 5:55 PM:

Hello There Lady Julianna. My name is slave mike i had to write to you after reading your profile. I have been a total service slave for along time well actully i started out as a part time service slave until i was laid off from my job of ten years as a maintenance technician so i decided to join this site a few days ago and wanting to become a fulltime owned service slave. I have recieve a few emails from Dommes and one Dom/Domme couple that want to meet and talk which i will start doing this week but i am looking for the right fit and i can tell you know how to treat a slave. I am a true service slave that has the skills to do anything you need done and have all the tools for any job i love housework doing all your chores all your yardwork and of Lady Julianna the main purpose to serve you.I will obey all commands no matter what they are love to be used abused and degraded and just treated like a slave and live in a basement and love to be tied up and gagged when you are not in need of me. To me slaves of today have no clue what it means to be a total service slave. I am old school and do know what it takes to be the best and i love being a slave. If you would like to talk please let me know. I would love to talk to you. Thank you.

LadyJulianna on 5/15/11 at 6:04 PM:

where are you located

shitforbrains on 5/15/11 at 6:09 PM:

Hello again Lady Julianna. Right now i am living on the ny/ct border in my apartment but i have to the end of the month to decide if i am going to stay there.

LadyJulianna on 5/15/11 at 6:19 PM:

ahh i see. what are you expecting to do?

shitforbrains on 5/15/11 at 6:29 PM:

Well i am hoping to be owned 24/7 as a total service slave.

LadyJulianna on 5/15/11 at 6:36 PM:

you hope to accomplish that in two weeks?

shitforbrains on 5/15/11 at 7:12 PM:

Lady Julianna if it is a great fit and i meet the right one i am sure to accomplish this in two weeks. I am not a young kid that has no idea what he is doing thinking he is a slave because the title sounds cool I am a mature guy wellspoken neat and have many skills. I am not looking for a young Domme to serve. Just a Domme who has knowledge and hows how to treat a total service slave. I would be able to tell five minutes after talking if it would work.

LadyJulianna on 5/15/11 at 7:55 PM:

I dont know, babe. Any Domme worth their salt has enough sense NOT to move someone into their home after only knowing them for two weeks.

shitforbrains on 5/15/11 at 8:55 PM:

Sorry about that Lady Julianna i was on the phone most people who are professionals you can usally tell if the person has a few screws loose i can give referenaces and have been doing this for along time and have been in peoples houses for days.

LadyJulianna on 5/15/11 at 11:18 PM:

Well good luck sweetie, I hope you find someone. For a long term live-in situation I like to know someone much longer than two weeks, for security reasons. Anyone can dummy up a reference. I'm not saying YOU would do that, I'm just saying. I'm extremely thorough, I require background checks, medical releases in case they get hurt while in my care... Anyway... :) I hope you connect with someone wonderful.

shitforbrains on 5/15/11 at 11:29 PM:

Lady Julianna i acutally just got off the phone with a couple that i am meeting at lunchtime With all that stuff you require thats more than they do when you go for a goverment job. I have never heard of all that pro dommes do not even have security and a lot of them do sessions from there homes. I wont have any problems by the end of the week i will have found the right fit. I guess i should say good luck in your seach.

LadyJulianna on 5/16/11 at 3:05 PM:

Wow. Anyone who lets someone come LIVE in their home who they have only known two weeks in STUPID. Point blank. A ProDomme doing an hour session in her home is a lot different than inviting someone to live with her. No Domme with any sense in her head is gonna let someone move in with her after only two weeks.
And I don't need you to wish ME luck, I get over 100 emails a week from men and women requesting to be my slaves. And not a single one of them have ever had a problem with providing me with the information I require.
So you have fun with whatever "Domme" is stupid enough to move you in.


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