Saturday, November 30, 2013


Bacon has been collared and owned by Me for over three years now. 
Unlike my sissy Angela,  a certificate had not been made for him. 
He can now display this is his slave quarters.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pretty In Pink ~ A Happy Anniversary Tribute to My Beautiful Sissy

This month marked the three year anniversary of the day I officially collared and enslaved my beautiful sissy, Angela. 
My, how we have grown, and how much we have learned on our journey together. Over the past year, we have seen each other about as many times as we used to see each other in a month, and we survived... because true submission is of the heart. She is mine. And oh how I love her. 
Happy anniversary, my wonderful girl. 

Three years ago... The day she became Mine. 

Much growth and many changes.

We have shared countless fun moments together.

"Fun" meaning...

pretty much just....

... fun for Me, but...

She has never stopped loving Me...

And I will never stop loving her.

She is my shining star!


Monday, December 31, 2012

The Return of the Pig

Happy New Year, my lovelies! I hope the holiday season found you healthy, blessed, and of course, kinky and twisted! During my hiatus, I have been really focused on my business and vanilla life, and yes, I have missed you.
I am happy to announce that my departed slave, Bacon (you remember him, I know., will be joining me for a week of 24/7 service and play, and that he will be making his permanent return in the spring. A happy Queen am I.
I am also delighted in the anticipation of pairing him with my beloved sissy maid for hardcore service and kinky sex shows. Stay tuned to hear all about this adventure!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back in the Dungeon

                          Back In The Dungeon
                           by Lady Julianna's sissy Angela

  Mistress and I have not had any dungeon time in a while, and she has instructed me to write about what is most exciting to me about being back in the dungeon with Her. Ironically, that IS the most exciting thing about it...being there again with Her!
  I am always submissive to her, of course, and do my best to follow her instructions, but being in the dungeon only adds to, and fuels my submissive feelings. She can, and will do anything she wants with me, or to me in this place. I know her dungeon well. As I look around, I will see the many bondage toys she has that can hold me helpless to her desires. I know them all very well...3 sets of sturdy stocks to hold me in any number of positions, as well as a spanking stool that I can be strapped to in a kneeling position. This offers so many possibilities. I assure you all of these toys will hold me helpless. They are sturdy and escape proof. I know they are...I built them.
  There are also hundreds of feet of beautiful rope available to her, which will allow her to bind me as she wishes. I love rope bondage, my Mistress loves rope bondage, so it's a match made in heaven. The feeling of her ropes as they wind around me is incredible. She is very meticulous, and the ropes must placed exactly where she wants them. She uses a series of wraps, cinches,half-hitches (chuckle) and knots tied well out of reach, and I am hers. I know I am safe, but I am also helpless and vulnerable to my Mistress' wicked desires. She will use me for her pleasure, and I can do nothing but use a safeword to stop her.
  I also know of her awesome collection of canes, whips, and paddles. The paddles are also of my own design and construction, and they work very, very well indeed. If she chooses, she can instantly redden my ass and put tears in my eyes with just a few hard swats from "The Motherfucker", a 16" long, 4" wide, 1/2" oak paddle with holes in it to cut down the resistance while swinging it. I know for a fact I will be feeling it's sting. It is Mistress's favorite paddle by far, and she uses it expertly.
  She WILL make me cry. I know it for a fact. I always do when she uses me. But that's ok. I am still safe, and in no real danger. I never have that feeling when I am with her. Yes, she will spank me, cane me, whip me, tie up my poor cock and balls and torment them in various ways, maybe even bend me over and ravage me with her strap-on again. She may want to see me suck another cock, who knows? But she knows me very well, my limits and my desires, and will not harm me in any way. She loves me so much, as she tells me all the time. I know in my heart I am safe. She will not risk damaging her beautiful sissy. Still, I will suffer thru some things for her. As I said, I will cry, either tears of pain or happiness, who is to say. Sometimes they are mixed tears, and I can't even tell the difference myself. I want to endure her torments...for her. She enjoys it so much that I have to. She says my ass is so spankable that she can't help it. As she is spanking me, she tells me how much she loves me, that I am a good girl, and she loves her sissy so much. I endure it for her...I take as much as I can, and try to take more...for her...because I love her, too.
  When she has finished enjoying herself with me she will cuddle me, hugging me tight, comforting me, and hopefully tell me how proud she is of me. I guess you could call that my ultimate goal, to hear those words from her. "I am so proud of you sissy" will bring more tears to my eyes, for I have succeeded, and pleased my Mistress.
  When our dungeon time is over,she will most probably lock her cock back in it's chastity cage until the next time she wants to torment it.
So as you can see, dear reader, the most exciting thing about being back in the dungeon with Mistress, IS being back in the dungeon with Mistress.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Today celebrates the one year anniversary that I have been Lady Julianna's sissy maid. I can't tell you what that means to me. She is a wonderful, caring, and loving Mistress, and I have learned so much from her. She has opened up a whole new world to me, with experiences that I never thought I would have. We made it thru all the ups and downs, good times and bad, and my love and devotion for her grows every single day.
She keeps me in chastity 24/7, and even though it is very difficult and frustrating at times, I wouldn't have it any other way. Feeling her cage locked on me every day helps me remember how much she loves and cherishes me. When I serve her, and see the key to my freedom hanging on her necklace, it only re-enforces those feelings.
We can't be together as often as we both would like, but I wouldn't trade the time I have with her for anything in the world. Whether I am dressed in my formal uniform, serving tea to her and a friend, cleaning her house, doing her laundry, or she has me bound naked and helpless, enjoying herself paddling my "spank-able" ass, there is no where I would rather be.
I am looking forward to many more years of service to this wonderful Domme. She brightens my day, and fills my heart with a joy that I can't even describe. We fit together so well, it is sometimes cookies and milk, ying and yang, cock lock and key.
I love you so very, very much, Mistress. You own me, heart and soul, and I can't imagine how my "sissy life" would be without you.
Happy anniversary, my wonderful Mistress. You have made me one very happy sissy.

contributed by cdangela