Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sissies and Massages and Fuck Pigs, Oh My!!!

I can hardly begin to describe the insanity that went down in my house this afternoon. I am kicking myself severely for not taking pics. I managed to snap two (bad) pics with my cellphone, which I will include.

Sissy arrived early, which is unlike her. She is usually on time to the minute. I put her to work scrubbing down the walls in her ruffled uniform and 5 inch heels while Bacon worked in the kitchen. I took my time getting ready, having fun doing my makeup and playing with my hair, and when I was finished I just sat and looked pretty while the slaves finished their chores.

I brought the boys downstairs and made them strip. Sissy down to her sequined red panties and stockings, and Bacon down to the flesh. I bent them over side by side, four perfect asscheeks to spank, all in a row. What fun! I paddled them both soundly, until their asses were a nice cherry red. When I felt their poor tushies had had enough, I moved on to more interesting things.

I ordered them to stand back to back, with their heels touching, and wrapped their ankles in several layers of cellophane. Teetery things, they were. I wrapped them together from the shoulders to the hips, to their cocks were free for me to play with and their hands were tightly wrapped flat at their sides.

 "Now, dance." I told them and delighted in their silly hopping and wiggling. When I got bored, I sat on the low stool in front of Sissy and engaged in a little cock and ball torture, wrapping her cock in rope and swatting at her balls, making her jump.

"Don't fall down, if you fall down you are in trouble. Now turn around."

They pivoted and moved their feet until Bacon was now facing me for his turn, but he got a different kind of torture. He's such a big baby about chastity and constantly whining about how bad he wants to cum, I thought I might have fun edging him. I pressed up against him, breathing in his ear and stroking his cock. It wasn't long before he started to whine. When I felt his cock begin to throb, I let go and smiled evilly. "I bet you want to cum REALLY bad," I whispered, and walked away.

Rummaging around in Sissy's toybag I found a smaller roll of wrap, about 5 inches wide, and sat back down on the low stool, with Sissy's cock and balls at eye level, all bound with ropes and swollen. Holding the balls against the cock, I wrapped it very tightly with layer upon layer of cellophane, and followed suit with Bacon. Then I garnished each one with a pretty bow, just for fun.

"Chastity cage doesn't seem so painful anymore, does it?" I asked them, and gave their "packages" a firm smack.
"No, Mistress," the Sissy replied.
I looked at Bacon. "What about you? Not so bad, eh?" and smacked his package again.
"No, Ma'am."
"Good," I smiled and whacked their chests and legs with my bamboo rod, then a wooden paddle. They are both very sensitive to nipple impact, so it was nice for me to be able to strike a little harder than normal. The cellophane offered some protection. I slapped their pretty packages every so often to keep their attention, and eventually got bored and cut them loose.

I ordered Bacon to the corner to kneel on the concrete and stroke his cock, but not to cum.
Sissy I had other plans for. I ordered her face-down to the floor for a good spanking. I spanked her over and over with the kayak oar, and when I struck hard, she would tend to jump or try to roll over. I bound her ankles quickly but tightly with my quick ties, sat on her legs, and spanked her even harder. I explained to her that she must learn to accept what is given to her. If it was too much, she could call her safeword, but otherwise, she MUST accept her spankings with grace and dignity. I spanked and spanked until her ass was a shade of red that satisfied me, and then I crawled down next to her and held her close. Sending Bacon to fetch lotions for my massage, I had some quiet cool-down time with my pretty sissy maid, drying her tears, kissing her, telling her she is a good girl, and that she was very brave.

When Bacon returned and Sissy had pulled herself together, it was time for my massage and worship. I stripped down to my panties while Bacon fetched the long table. I laid face down and enjoyed their strong hands rubbing me down with fresh, summery-smelling lotion. Their four hands traveled over my body firmly but gently, relaxing and arousing me at the same time. They rubbed every part of me, every inch, and I rolled over so they could continue their magic. When I was nice and relaxed, I sat up and they immediately positioned themselves at my feet like good slaves, and we took a little time to talk and hang out.

Noting the time, I sent Sissy upstairs to clean her chastity device thoroughly for a few more weeks of lockup, and to change out of her sissy clothes and back into her guy clothes. During that time, I ordered Bacon into spanking position, and took out a little aggression on his ass with my trusty bamboo cane. I told him to keep a better eye on my drinks in the future, to not let my glass get empty, to take better care with cleaning behind the toilet. His poor cock was now purple and raging, and I told him what a horny little pig he is.
"Now off! Go fetch your pig uniform and do it fast!" He scurried away and came back a moment later with his pig snout, ears and tail. He put on the nose and ears, and offered his ass to me to insert the tail. What a good boy. He looks so fucking cute in his pig outfit. I inserted the tail into his ass, and he moaned like a horny little fuckboy.I rammed it in and out a few times, getting him good and worked up.
"Are you a little fuckpig?"
"Yes, Ma'am"
"Yes, my dirty little fuckpig, aren't you?"
"Now look for truffles, piggy!"
He took off on his hands and knees, snout to the floor, snorting and snuffling like a little pig should. I smacked him with the bamboo cane, telling him he is a naughty pig, he snorted and snuffled and WHEEEEE'ed when I struck him. He came to my feet where he planted kisses upon them, all the while continuing to snort like a piggy. He kissed up my legs and thighs and I grabbed his hair, driving his pig snout into my panties, holding it there, and throwing him back to the floor.
Off he went again, nose to the floor, snorting and rooting and waggling his piggy tail. The cane stripes on his ass raised into red welts. He looked fantastic. His ass in the air, his snout to the floor, his swollen purple cock hanging between his legs.
"Enough now!"
I ordered him to kneel and edge his cock yet again, and Sissy returned to the dungeon for me to lock her device. Our session time was up. I looked at Bacon.
He stood.
"Clean up this mess"
I took Sissy upstairs to see her out, and Bacon emerged shortly thereafter.
I rubbed up against him.
"You were a good pig today."
He beamed. "Thank you, Ma'am."
I grabbed his cock. "I bet you would like to cum, wouldn't you? It's been WEEKS, hasn't it?"
"Yes, Ma'am"
I patted his cheek and smiled. "Not today, my piggy. Not today." And I locked him back up.
I love them both so very much.
What a wonderful day.

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