Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fire Cupping

I've been trying my hand at fire cupping lately, and it is extremely enjoyable to both Myself and the person on the receiving end. Last night, I had two of My lady friends in the dungeon, and we did some cupping for a few hours. One of them became so relaxed, she almost fell asleep on My table.

Fire cupping is traditionally an ancient chinese medicinal practice using fire to remove the oxygen from a glass cup. The cup is then placed on the skin and a suction causes the skin to draw up into the cup. The cups are moved around on the (well-oiled or lotioned) body, detoxifying the skin and massaging the tissue.

The bdsm community has adapted fire cupping as a kinky activity by making a small flame on the skin itself (usually on a penny, tile or other tiny receptacle) and placing the cup over that, causing extreme suction, mild pain and slight bruising.

The subjects I worked on last night had a medium-average pain tolerance, I kept the suction at massage-level or just a little more so as to not hurt My ladies. We tried both methods, and I did not find that the new "kinky" way caused any more suction than the traditional way, but both methods were enjoyed greatly and we had a really good time.

I am currently using votive cups which work really well, but I have some of the traditional globe-shaped cups on order. I can't wait for them to arrive!

We took 97 pictures. Here are a few.

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