About The Lady

I am a 35 year old lifestyle Dominant living in the upstate/central NY area. I have been active in the bdsm lifestyle for over 10 years, beginning as a submissive many years ago and slowly evolving into the fierce Mistress I am today. The lifestyle is not a hobby for me, or something I do to occupy my time. I live it constantly, from my live-in houseslave sleeping in my basement dungeon (return pending), to my own local fetish group, to my goal of building a bdsm compound to share with the kinky community. I currently own one collared sissy slave, one live-in houseboy, have one under consideration, and have various play partners I scene with from time to time. I am not a head-to-toe vinyl clad porn star. I am buxom, classy, feminine and intelligent. I am a true Domme, a sadist, and a 24/7 lifestyle kinkster.

I am right-brained, which sums up to I am playful, diverse and very crafty. I am a crazy artist and am skilled in all mediums. I can make anything, and I can fix anything from a broken lawn mower to a broken heart. If it's artsy, crafty or creative, I can do it, and I can do it well.

I am Scorpio through and through, intense and passionate, loving and loyal, but I pack a nasty sting for those who piss me off.

I have led a fascinating life, from my years spent traveling with nomadic tribes to my dark nights in a bdsm dungeon.  I am a freelance photographer and body artist, and I also lead a busy vanilla life outside of the dungeon. I love answering questions, so ask me anything and I will tell you the truth.