From Cj (a female submissive):

Never have I meet someone with a bigger heart then that of Lady Julianna. She is very knowledgeable in many topics within the lifestyle and out of it. I can honestly say that when I was in wrist cuffs suspended from her play space I knew I was completely safe.  She was able to tell what I was craving and gave me that and so much more. The way she moves within the play space was elegant and entrancing. Her touch made me dance for her. Never have I experienced anything like I did when she was Topping me. I look forward to the next time she ties me up and has her way with me.

From Terry:

Your skills as a top and a sadist are worthy of great respect and it truly was a privilege to bottom for you. It was wonderful hanging there, looking deep into your eyes, not knowing if I was going to be kissed, beaten, rubbed, or bit; yet knowing that whatever was coming would be exactly what I needed. Your aftercare was great, you took such good care of me. Your attention is a gift beyond compare. Your friendship is a treasure! I so look forward to partnering with you again. and again and again....

From JBC:

A tall, dark haired, voluptuous beauty, Lady Julianna captivates hearts on first sight and delights the mind with sharp wit and intelligent conversation. She is brilliant, creative, sadistic and sensual,  and truly Dominant.  She is undoubtedly a diamond in the rough, and I am honored and pleased to know her. Treat her well and she will give you a fantasy come true!

From Angela (now collared one year):

Greetings everyone, my name is Angela, and I am Lady Juliannas submissive sissy maid. I want to take a minute and tell you about my wonderful Mistress.
Since meeting her, my life has changed. With my somewhat limited experience, I can’t tell you if she is what you might call a “typical” Domme, but I will tell you what I do know.
First, I can tell you she is one of the most caring, loving, fun and charismatic people I have ever met, and those traits carry over to her kinky side. As her submissive, I often find myself in awe of this woman. Her loving personality and creative mind are an incredible combination. When I am with her, I can almost lose myself in her.
However, do NOT mistake her loving personality as weakness. She is a very demanding, strict, no nonsense Dominant Woman. She wields her paddles, crops and floggers with expertise, and demands obedience from her submissives and slaves. But even when she is paddling my ass, I can feel her love. She has the uncanny ability to read a slaves body and emotions, and seems to know what I can and can’t do, even before I do. During our sessions, I have found myself very close to using a safe word, only to have her stop before I need to. It really is amazing sometimes how much insight she has to my feelings and emotions.
If you are lucky enough to gain her interest, you’re in for one hell of a ride. Her experience, attitude, and kinky creative mind makes her, in my opinion, a fantastic Domme, and other Dominants, both male and female would do well to be somewhat like her. She understands that we are all people, and she actually CARES how her slaves feel, and what they think. I feel very lucky to be her sissy. I love you Mistress.

From Terry after a play session:

My dear sweet Julianna,
It is a rare event in my life when i don't seem to be able to conjure up the right words for an occasion. Just to give you an idea, after i left you and even throughout the dinner tonight, the only words that came to me regarding our time together today was "oh my god, oh my GOD, OH MY GOD... Never in my life have i been so happy about hurting in so many places in so many different ways! No one has ever taken me like that, owned me like that, humbled me like that. No one has ever made me love it so much. i was sure that you would have some surprises for me but i really had no idea what was in store-and it was all so evil and wonderful-you continue to amaze me. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul-i saw that today-but, i saw something else-almost like your eyes held my soul. i know how silly that sounds but i trust that you will understand what i mean. You are a very special lady-not just because you are smart, beautiful, sexy, sadistic, talented and dominant. Because in addition to all that you are real, down to earth, caring and giving. i am so sorry that we ran out of time today-i was eager to finish our scene and so wanted to give you a good massage. i really, truly hope that you had a good time-that it was pleasing to you and that i didn't disappoint you in any way. Your pleasure is so important to me-that you have as much enjoyment as you give. To say that i had a wonderful time, that in suffering for you i grew to love you even more and respect you even more, it all seems so inadequate. Yet i still have to say thank you-it was wonderful beyond compare. I cannot wait to see you again. Be well, dear Julianna, take care of yourself. Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart...and the pain in my ass!!! ;)