Saturday, July 30, 2011

A New Uniform for Sissy

Custom made Italian silk! This will look sooo sexy on her!! What a wonderful treat for when she comes home to me :)

Got this at Check it out!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Missing Sissy

It is hard to believe I haven't seen her in months. I have seen my friend, the man who plays her role, but nothing of her beauty. No long legs in silky stockings. No ruffles. No collar, no chains. No yards and yards of rope. Seeing him used to help. At least we could hang out even if I didn't get to dress him up. I love him too, you know... but it was all very strange... it wasn't right. Those man clothes, the short hair, the sneakers.... It is beginning to make me feel unsettled. Sad. Sometimes he would wear panties under his work jeans, perhaps to remind himself what he was, or perhaps he did it for me. Except that one time... when I peeked down the back of his jeans and saw (gulp) men's underwear. I couldn't speak for several minutes. I am a reasonable woman. I wasn't mad per se but it kinda felt shitty inside. I understand about work, and about the guys, and discretion, and I certainly would never expect him to risk accidentally outing himself but damn it! That was some horrifying shit to see! That was NOT my sissy. He still speaks to me the same. Respectfully. Submissively. He still made me a nice pot of sissy balls and sauce. He loves the shit outta me and god knows I love him too, but.... it seems like the amount of love and adoration I have for My sissy is part of what makes me the Dominant that I am. I have evolved so much in my journey during the course of my relationship with her, and when I don't have her, I don't feel like me. Another month and my beautiful sissy will be back.. and so will I. Completely. Summer needs to end NOW!

Stay tuned... kinky session planned with Terry, aka The Screamer.