Sunday, May 29, 2011

All This and Crafty too!!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

So You're Looking For a Domme Part II: Terminology

 Do not list yourself as a "sub" if you only want to serve on your terms.
If you wish to find a woman that you can worship, adore, love, sacrifice to, serve with honor and passion, belong too, offer your allegiance, give her your power in order to nourish her dominant spirit, and exist for the pleasure of said woman with your own sacrifice for her pleasure bringing you joy in abundance, THEN you are a submissive.
If you want to get together on the weekends, get spanked, lick her boots, and maybe have a piss cocktail before a romp in the sack, then you are a kinkster.
If you want to be with a woman who will enjoy giving you whippings, CBT, and other BDSM delights, then go home and jerk-off to the memories until you need another painful humiliating date, then you are a bottom.


But when a "Domme" says she is seeking a "submissive." She is seeking the first paragraph.
If all you really want is kink, or a weekend of play now and then, but you really do not seek to be an instrument of pleasure and a helpmate to a dominant woman in ALL facets of her life. NOT just the dungeon. Then writing to a Domme and offering her your soul simply because she is a dominant woman and you hope to get your kink on, is just about as useless as pissing up a rope.
She IS going to find out that you are not a sub jiffy damned quick. Most likely that fact will be revealed in your intial letter in ways you cannot even comprehend for the simple reason that you are not a submissive. You don't write as a sub would. You don't speak as a sub would. And you sure as hell aren't going to act as a sub would. Not because of any fault of yours. You are just not understanding the reality of what you think you seek.
If you are a kinkster, seek out a kinkster woman. They aren't hard to find.
Likewise if you are a bottom or a masochist, seek out a top or a sadist.
The two of you will have a wonderful time together. But if you aren't a submissive, for God's sake quit getting on DS sites and offering Dommes something that you could not do on your best day.
It is just simple terminology gentlemen. If you aren't a sub, then a Domme is going to make you crazy and you will soon be dumped like yesterdays news even if you slip in under the radar and get her attention in the first place.
Just know what you are really after and go for the right kind of woman for you.

contributed by closetsitter1

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cell Popping (microbranding)

I was turned on to this wonderfully sadistic form of body art by a dear friend of mine from the Rochester Kink Society. Being an artist, I knew I would certainly revel in this, so I decided I had to do a little research. My trusty friend Google took me to the website of the Artistic Domme (who so graciously gave me permission to use her trademarked term "cell popping"), among other very helpful and educational sites. Cell popping, also called microbranding, is actually an age-old art, which was once called "Devil's Fire" and has been brought back to popularity by Connie (the Artistic Domme) herself.

Cell popping is essentially a form of temporary branding, accomplished by dotting an outline or design with glowing red pokers, (called teasing needles, usually used for medical dissection). I assume it got it's name from the sizzle or "pop" sound that can be heard as the moisture is robbed from the skin from the touch of the  red hot needle.

One of my dearest and most masochistic friends, Terry (aka The Screamer) drove a long way to offer me his body as my first canvas. In our love and respect for one another, we decided that my personalized emblem would be a aesthetically pleasing and meaningful brand. I placed my pattern on his upper back and adhered it with eyelash glue. From the information I have gathered, most microbranding artists tape a paper pattern onto the skin or use a tattoo transfer. Folks, I am telling you, when using a paper pattern, eyelash glue is the way to go. I heated my needles on a clean heat source (in this case, we used Sterno) and began to dot around the pattern, hearing a *POP* each time I touched the needle to his skin. How cool!
Being the detail-oriented (and slightly anal retentive) artist that I am, I meticulously made sure the dots were evenly spaced and close together, going back over the design if necessary to ensure a smooth, even outline.
Terry and I talked and joked as I proceeded along diligently, heating the needles and making my mark. Look how happy he is! 
Now, they say your cell popping design doesn't really "show" at first, and darkens over time (about 24 hours).

When I finished my design, it looked like this. 

Within an hour, it looked like this.

And when he got in the car to leave, it looked like this. 

So there it is, dear readers, my first cell popping. As it heals in the coming weeks, I will update this post with more photos. Terry and I intend on meeting again to re-do the design as it fades, as repeated cell popping will yield a more permanent mark.

A million thanks to my wonderful friend Terry! xoxo

Please note that this blog entry is in NO way intended to be a tutorial or lesson of any kind. 
I strongly suggest attending a workshop or demo before attempting this kind of play. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Play smart, play safe. 

**Update: 24 Hours Later**

*Update* Almost two weeks later

Most of the scabs have fallen off, and it looks to be scarring nicely. Terry and I are working on a plan to get together for a re-touch. We think it looks great so far!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

... and I have papers to prove it

I have been struggling with the fact that my beautiful and beloved sissy maid is going away for work for the summer. Granted, she won't be terribly far away, but I am used to having her right up the road and seeing her every week. I will be lucky to see her a handful of times this summer, and I already miss her something terrible.
We have been having a lot of heart to heart chats online lately, talking about how hard it will be and how to be strong. Luckily, she will have her laptop and internet on the road with her.
Five days ago, while I was feeling sad at the thought of a sissy-less summer, she told me that she had something for me, and she hoped I wouldn't be mad.
In the photo sharing feature she posted this:
She had registered. She has actually gone to the slave registry and registered as My own. I was so overcome, I cried. Traditionally, a sub wouldn't do something like this without discussing it with thier Dominant, but Sissy and I love and respect each other so deeply, she was almost sure I would be pleased. She took the risk and she won. I was delighted. This is the best gift I could ever receive from a slave. She had given herself to me, body, mind, heart and soul, and now I have papers to prove it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Misadventures in Chastity

(written by my beautiful and beloved sissy maid, Angela)

Since meeting my wonderful Mistress, I have been, by choice, locked in a chastity device. When I met her, I owned a CB-3000 chastity cage that I asked her to hold the keys for. She happily agreed, and thus began my chastity service to her.
Having worn the device myself on and off for a few years, there was very little difference now, except that I no longer had the ability to unlock myself when I desired. I would now have to deal with it on a 24/7 basis, as well as any problems that come along with it. Everything was going fine, and other than not being able to release myself, I didn’t have any problem with it.
(A little background here…I am a cross dresser, and Lady Julianna's sissy maid. I also have a snowplow business, and most times would wear panties, pantyhose and short skirt under my snow pants when out plowing. Anyways…)
It was the middle of January here in beautiful, snowy upstate NY, and I was out plowing early one snowy morning. I was wearing some very cute panties, tan pantyhose and a denim mini skirt under my snow pants, and of course, the CB-3000 securely locked in place. It was around 6 a.m., and I was shoveling the sidewalk at a church I plow for, when all of a sudden I felt a pinch on the bottom of my balls. I kind of didn’t think anything about it until I felt it again, only this time it was much, much worse. Obviously, something was wrong with my CB, but I couldn’t tell what. I turned to head back to the relative safety of my truck to check it out, and the pinching pain was unbelievable! Every step I tried to take only made it worse.
So here I am, standing on the sidewalk of a church, in the early morning darkness, it’s like 2 degrees out, snowing like crazy, and I’m afraid to even move because of the terrible pinching I am feeling on the bottom of my scrotum. I remember painfully chuckling to myself, and thinking “Oh, this is fucking great. Now what do I do?”
Being so early in the morning, no one was around so I unzipped my snow pants, reached under my skirt, hose, and panties to see if I could figure out what was wrong. As soon as I touched the ring of the CB that goes around my cock and balls, I felt a very severe pinch that almost put me on my knees. I put my fingers down to the area being pinched, and could feel that the hinge part had broken, and there was a chunk of very tender skin caught in between the broken pieces.
At this point, I am more concerned with my well being than anything else, but every time I tried to move it just pinched worse and worse. Now even though there was no one around, I still couldn’t just strip down on the sidewalk of a church wearing pantyhose and a skirt to inspect my chastity device. I would go to hell for sure for that! So, I reached into my panties with both hands, and pulled the broken ring apart slightly, which hurt like hell, but also instantly felt better. Now at least I could move without pain.
Holding the ring apart with both hands, I waddled…yes, waddled the 100 feet or so back to my truck, managed to get the door open, and climb in to the cab. After making sure the sensitive skin of my ball sac was no longer between the broken pieces, I pulled my snow pants down, pulled my skirt up, pantyhose and panties down, and finally able to see what the deal was.
The hinge part of the ring was indeed broken, and my only choice was to pull it apart enough to slip my balls out and remove the device. Fortunately, I only suffered a small cut on the bottom of my scrotum, but in that area, it felt like a 6 inch gash. I threw the CB on the floor of the truck in disgust, pulled my panties and hose up, my skirt down, and zipped up my snow pants, and went back to shoveling the sidewalk. Walking back to where I had dropped my shovel, I saw my foot prints from my waddle back to the truck…toes pointed out and shuffling in the snow, and burst out laughing to myself thinking of what that must have looked like, and being very thankful that it didn’t happen at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.
When I told Lady Julianna what happened, of course the first thing she wanted to know was if I was alright. After assuring her that I was, and telling her how I solved my little problem, we both had a pretty good laugh over it. She said she would have given anything to see me hunched over with both hands down the front of my pants, waddling back to my truck. Looking back on it now, I have to admit, it had to be a pretty fucking funny site.
A few weeks later, she got me a new CB-6000, which is a totally different and better design, and much more secure and comfortable to wear. We expect no similar problems with this device, and I am safely back in chastity for her.
contributed by cdangela315

Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Friday, May 13, 2011


Check out the beautiful ankle restraints, arm binders, and bar wraps I did on my gorgeous sissy this morning.

What a wonderful way to spend a morning! It's worth the extra time, effort and care to make the ropes are smooth, even, neat, symmetrical, and of course, completely inescapable. *grin*

I told her if she can escape from my ropes and take my "weapon" from me, she would "win"... or she could forfeit and take 20 strokes with my most sadistic paddle, the "motherfucker." 

 Since she was getting absolutely nowhere, I decided to be nice and untie one essential knot. Look at her go!

And her legs are free. At this time I stopped taking pics and continued the game. She DID manage to escape and take my cane from me, and admitted openly that there was no way she would have escaped had I not untied that square knot for her.

What a great time! Sometimes a fun game and some lighthearted play is a nice refreshing change from a serious, hardcore torture scene. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Knowing the Ropes II - Basic Bondage Knots

*Please read my article: Knowing the Ropes I - Bondage Safety before proceeding*

If you want to explore bondage, you need to have some knowledge of knots. You can accomplish safe and effective bondage just a few knots. In a future post, I will show you more advanced, prettier knots for more "showy" bondage, but first things first.

Choose your rope according to what you are tying. For typing limbs, body harnesses, rope bras, etc, I use 3/8 rope, but 5/16 works well aslo. CBT would obviously use a much thinner rope (I like 5/32 poly cord) and suspension would need a much thicker, stronger rope.

  • Nylon and polypropylene rope are popular, they're cheap, smooth on the skin and have very little stretch. They doesn't absorb sweat or fluids, making them more sanitary and easier to clean. Lots of fun colors, too.
  • Marine rope is also very popular, for it's sleek feel and extreme durability. Very popular for suspension.
  • Hemp and jute can be used by the more sadistic rope slinger, as they are mildly abrasive but very strong. 
  • Cotton rope does not stretch and holds a knot well, but is absorbent to anything that touches it, and breaks down and frays faster.


The first knot you need to know is the Square Knot, also known as the Reef Knot. This is a very simple knot, used to tie two ropes together, or to cinch around a heavy wrap job. The square knot is more or less flat, so it applies less pressure on the skin and nerves than other knots, therefore making it perfect for beginner's bondage.

Another excellent bondage is the French Bowline. This is similar to a Fisherman's Loop, in that it creates a loop that does not slip. It will not tighten or loosen under pressure, making it the safest knot to use for ankle or wrist restraints. Use as many "loops" as you like to make your restraints wide, spreading the pressure across more surface area, making it safer and more comfortable. 

The Half Hitch is super handy for tying your partner to a bedpost or other stationary object, and can also be used to finish off a wrap. It's easy to untie when the time comes, which is a perk. Never use a half hitch for tying limbs (as they can cut off circulation) or for suspension (we will learn suspension in a later post). This pic shows both a single and a double half hitch.

Another simple hitch is the Clove Hitch. Like the Half Hitch, it is very handy for trying TO something, like a bedpost or pole, and should never be used directly on the limbs, or for suspension.

 There you go, my kinky friends. All the knots you need for beginner's bondage. Please remember to play safe, sane and consensual, and WHERE ARE YOUR SAFETY SCISSORS?!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

BDSM Online Resources

Now Is Your Chance

I am currently taking applications for a part time house slave, preferably for daily visits. You will spend half your time providing domestic service and the other half having playtime in the dungeon. Must be local to the Syracuse area, as travel time cannot interfere with your service. Must be healthy, both physically and mentally, and have a true desire to submit to a beautiful and experienced Domme. You can message me from the yahoo pingbox on the Contact Me page. You do not have to have a yahoo account to use the pingbox.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Where Have I Been

Everyone's asking, so a brief fill in. They say bad things happen in threes, which is pretty much the story of my life currently.
My husband was hospitalized and needs surgery, my live in slave crossed a line and got dismissed from service, and my computer has a nasty virus. I WILL be back up and posting again really soon, so don't forget about me. It will take a few days to get my computer fixed.

Much love to all of you!!!