Monday, March 21, 2011

The Screamer

I had a play date today with a friend of mine from a couple counties away. He drove a long way to see me, and I wanted to make sure it was worth his while. He is a masochist, or as I say, a pain whore. He like-a da pain, and as a sadist, I like-a da giving of pain.
I should probably start by saying how much I love this man. He was my first kinky friend in the area and from the very beginning was always very sweet and kind to me. I have been wanting to see him for months, and since I quit the group where we met, it was difficult to schedule time with someone who lived so far away. We usually saw each other at munches and other public gatherings, so our interaction is limited to friendly chatting and occasionally, sneaking a nipple twist or a dragging of my nails on his back when no one is looking.
I did have the opportunity to play with him at a private party a few months ago, but I didn't do my best work. I need the private, uninterrupted exchange of energy. Though we both thoroughly enjoyed the scene, I knew that getting him alone was the only way to give him a real taste of the intensity that is Lady Julianna.
So we made a date, which was today, and I was so excited last night I barely slept. Like a kid on Christmas eve, I swear. I was up late and woke up early in time to make myself beautiful and prepare myself for scening, which includes food and caffeine and nicotine and a little meditation. He arrived right on time, just as houseboy was lacing my corset. I wore a gorgeous brocade underbust corset with a black lace bra and a long, flowing lace skirt. Houseboy prepared the dungeon while my friend, my hubby and I chatted upstairs. I was eager to play, but wanted my sub to be comfortable and relaxed in my home. So we chatted and joked and talked about this and that, everyone seemed happy and content, and we headed down to the dungeon.
He doesn't wear cuffs, doesn't even own a pair, and I was surprised to find out that in all his years in the lifestyle, he has never worn a pair of cuffs. Ever. He has manacles... steel manacles for his wrists and ankles and a locking matching collar... and chain. Lots and lots of chains. Fucking HOT! I strung him up and had at him. Double flogging, paddling, whipping, pinching, clamping, nipple torture, cbt, I pulled out all the stops. The cane, the crop, the pinwheel, every toy got used this afternoon. I even made a human harp out of him! Let me tell you, there is something about a screamer. Mmmmm yes he is a SCREAMER! A writhing, squirming, shrieking mass of submissive lust. I could barely hear the sounds of the impact amidst the cries of  "yes! no! oh god no! you evil bitch! I love you! fuck! shit! oh god noooooo!" I was so erotically charged by it, my panties were soaked and wetness was starting to run down my thighs. I worked cautiously and carefully, reading his body and bringing him to the edge of subspace over and over again and gently bringing him back down. Brutal paddlings and whippings sandwiched between sensual stroking, touching and kissing. When I finally got him over the edge, I unchained him and walked him to the couch, snuggling under a blanket to keep away the chills. We idly stroked and touched each other in the afterglow, my bra had long since been removed and tossed aside to combat the sweating that comes with that surge of adrenaline. We spent a good long time loving on each other until I was very comfortable and very satisfied. We snuggled for so long I told him if I got too comfortable I might not be able to get back in "mode"... so back in action I went, spanking and torturing him, even penetrating him and sitting on his face as he writhed in agony on my dungeon floor. I love that... administering that delicious pain and ohhhh the look in his eyes, sheer horror crossed with pure lust and utter adoration. This is what I live for. That look right there. It took him a while to "come down"... he was flying for a long time. I knew I had done my job well.

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