Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Dungeon of the Frugal Dominant

So I have been steadily building a basement dungeon and let me tell you something, that dungeon furniture costs a pretty penny. Uh-uh. No way. Not in this lifetime will I spend that much money on items of this nature. Enter my creative side. I conjure up ideas and lucky for me, I have handy-dandy slaves to build that shit for me. Eyebolts in the rafters. Check. Upright pillories (aka stocks) (made for me by my sissy slave). Check. Bondage platform with 10 eyebolts for delightful torture (made for me by one of my subs). Check. Worship throne. Check (for now, an antique rocking chair). Spanking bench (made for me by my sissy slave). Check. Dog cage. Check (picked it up used for like 50 bucks).
When building your first playspace, be resourceful.  An old weight lifting bench can be used for a massage table, a ladder back chair makes a wonderful bondage chair, and anything can be used for impact, such as wooden dowels, frat paddles, ping pong paddles, i even made a whip out of telephone wires once! Clothespins. Chopsticks. Wooden spoons. Think outside the box. Pervertize your home. I guarantee you have plenty of items to "play" with. I have composed a list for anyone curious about building their own dungeon. Enjoy.

The Essentials:

A spanking bench of some kind
Impact toys.
Lots of rope.
Eyebolts in the ceiling.
A throne or other impressive chair to sit and be worshiped.
Kneeling mats.
Cuffs, collars, etc.
A blindfold

Nice to Have:
A St Andrews Cross (i don't like them because you can only access one side of the body at a time, but they look cool)
A red light bulb (trust me).
Scene music (i can make recommendations if needed, or see my playlist at the bottom of the blog).
A massage table
A camera
A smothering box
A queening chair
A bondage rack (an old ladder works well)
A St Catherine's Wheel (I WANT ONE!)

Single tail whip
multi tail whip
floggers of all kinds
feather ticklers
cock and ball parachute and weights
nipple clamps and weights
lots of clothespins and a clothespin zipper
rattan canes or fiberglass canes
Whartenberg Wheel
Scraps of velvet, felt and fur for sensation play and for smoothing over fresh welts.
A squirt bottle of ICE COLD water (be creative with it) 

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