Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Note From a Submissive

Here I have posted a note written to me by a wonderful submissive friend of mine after we scened together at a play party. I had joked to him that I wondered who was in more pain, him or me. This was his reply.

My dear Julianna-I certainly hope I am the only one in pain. I would be mortified if our session caused you anything but enjoyment. If that is the case please accept my apologies. I have honestly been enjoying the many "gifts" you gave me Saturday night. If I could have remembered the quote about the check I just wrote that I would never cash or something like that, I would have posted it. All I know is that when you said it I got chills and knew that I had gone too far. You rightly taught me a lesson. That incident increased my respect for you so much. Your skills as a top and a sadist are worthy of great respect and it truly was a privilege to bottom for you. It was wonderful hanging there, looking deep into your eyes, not knowing if I was going to be kissed, beaten, rubbed, or bit; yet knowing that whatever was coming would be exactly what I needed. Your aftercare was great, you took such good care of me. Your attention is a gift beyond compare. Your friendship is a treasure! I so look forward to partnering with you again. and again and again.

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