Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chastity and Orgasm Denial

The rule has always been that they don't masturbate unsupervised and without permission. It's in the contract. I have been having a situation with the slave getting a bit of an attitude because he was "hurting" and his "balls ache" from not being able to masturbate and frankly, I am sick of him walking around with an erection all the time. slaves can't think straight when they are thinking with their cocks. Enter the CB-6000. The CB has always been renowned for being the most secure chastity device on the market and the most comfortable for long-term use. Their new model, the 6000, debuted several months ago. I ordered two, one shipped to my sissy maid in the next county over, and one shipped here to my house for my live-in slave. Sissy's arrived first. He looks forward to his chastity, he has always been a fan. I had him locked in a pretty old CB-3000 for several months before the hinge broke and it had to be cut off. We expect no such problems with the new (improved) model. Sissy is all locked up and ready to go, with a tamper-evident tag with a serial number on it. When he comes for a session next week, we will put the permanent lock on it and I will keep the only keys with me. My houseboy, on the other hand, has no idea what's coming for him. I told him I had ordered him something online, and he was to deposit the money in my bank to pay for the item. He did. He is excited. He won't be excited when he finds out that there will no longer be a way to cheat on the "no masturbation" rule. His body, his cock, his orgasms.... they all belong to me. I choose when he is allowed to cum and I choose when he is allowed to touch and I choose when he eats, pees, showers, shits, works, sleeps and plays. When I unlock him for play, when I give him the privilege of cumming, he will then learn to appreciate it. It will enforce his devotion to me and not himself. Plus, not having a choice may make it easier for him than the honor system.
Chastity is an exquisite torture, and it puts me in full control of the most intimate part of my D/s relationships. I can't wait to begin this delicious torture on my subs.
Update 3/15/11 the other CB arrived today, both subs are now officially locked down.


Spicy Song Yung said...

CB6000 does get snuggy for a sub 8 inches or more. Naughty Domme that I am, notorious for rage teasing during these cum bans... well the damn hasp broke. Thank gawd for it only a week old to be returned. I prefer the stainless steel for non travel use when not needing to worry about metal detectors and the polycarbonate for those moments when security scans are a concern.

Otherwise, chastity and cum bans are the perfect needed key to keep male submissive, less aggressive, and knowing damn well it is no longer his body, mind and soul the moment he agreed to submit to Domme. ~grins~

Anonymous said...

So how did this work out long term? It's been about seven months--did the complaining boy straighten up and mend his ways?

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