Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sensory Stimulation

"So you just like beating the crap out of guys?"
"Well... yes, but there is more to it that I enjoy"
"Such as?"
"The sensory stimulation."

The Sensory Stimulation! What a treat for the senses! The smells... leather... ohhhh the smell of leather. You know the smell I mean. When you walk by a leather store in the mall, or when you go into a western store or horse and tack shop. Mmmm leather! 
The smell of sweat, fear, and anticipation. It's not regular "sweaty" sweat. It's different. 
Incense burning. Candle wax. Vinyl. Rubber. 
Plus the smell of sheer sexuality. Pheromones. So many different scents that combine and tease.

The sounds! The music I play is often not even heard. It is overtaken by the crack of a whip, the stroke of a crop, the thud of a paddle, the soft whining and moaning and the crying out of a submissive who has been bound and spanked. The sound of my heels clicking as I walk slowly around my sub. The sound of kisses being planted on my feet. All are music to my ears.

The visual stimulation! A Mistress in a tight laced corset, thigh highs, a rich velvet skirt... a submissive in chains, or wrapped in rope, his body trembling, his forehead glistening with sweat. The red lights. The deep woodgrains of the paddles. And oh, ohhhh the visuals of impact play. His body, my canvas. The crisscrossed welts across his back, the reddening of his ass, the dotted pattern of the pinwheel across his skin. What a joy to watch the colors change from peach to pink to red to purple as I paddle him over and over, to see him arch his back erotically in response to the whip. I enjoy trying different items for impact play to see what kind of marks they make. It is truly art.

Taste- what a delight to kiss his lips, face and eyes... tasting the salty combination of sweat and occasional tears. Unmistakable, and undeniably delicious.

Lastly, my favorite, touch. The feeling of my cool hand on his hot ass after a spanking, or to languidly run my fingers along the welts, feeling them raise up. The cold ice, the hot wax. The textures of the ropes, the straps, the paddles. To stroke a piece of fur across him, to wear felt or satin gloves and run my hands along his body. The feeling of a massage from my submissive, who puts more love and soul and energy into it than any professional masseur would even dream of. Mmmm, the sense of touch. Yes.

The sensory stimulation is truly one of my favorite aspects of bdsm playtime. I am willing to bet any Dominant or submissive would agree.

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