Saturday, November 13, 2010

Step Into My Chambers

Hello, my name is Lady Julianna and I am a BDSM Dominant. Just kidding. This isn't a support group, though sometimes writing can have the same benefits as one. That's why I am here. That and, apparently, through no fault of my own, people find my life fascinating. They tell me all the time. So I figured it might be fun to let any interested folks take a look inside and see what goes on in my world. So to answer my most commonly asked questions...

My name is Lady Julianna.
I am a lifestyle Dominant. 
I don't do it for money, I do it for pleasure.
I am not a prostitute, a porn star, a webcam girl, or a sex fiend. In fact, all of my D/s relationships are for the most part, non-sexual. I don't have sex with my submissives. I only have sex with my husband, and an occasional romp with a female.

I am a sadist. That means I enjoy inflicting pain on willing participants. I love the feel of the paddle in my hand, the sound it makes when I lay it across a trembling ass, and the beautiful shades of red and purple that it creates on it's target. I get frustrated, I get stressed, like everyone does, and let's face it, there is no better way to blow off some steam than beating the crap out of someone. Especially if they want you to!

I am Dominant, which means I am a person who likes to be in control. I like having a submissive at my feet. The service, the worship, the obedience... it's all very very good. I love being in control. I can satisfy that need through bdsm, which I must add, is quite a bonus for my husband, because we can run our life together as a team, side-by-side, with no power struggles. 

I am a LOVING Mistress, which means I develop a personal relationships with my submissives. I care about them, I look out for them, and I really do love them. I coo to them, pet and kiss them, and treat them like a cherished pet, all the while administering the intense and passionate pain and control that they crave. I respect their limits. I give them what they need. They give me what I need. It is an exchange of energy and a combining of spirits, just like any relationship. It's a beautiful balance. 

I have submissives of all kinds, from part time play-only subs, to part-time service slaves, to a full-time collared live in slave.  I live the lifestyle 24/7. It's not what I do, it's who I am.



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