Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making My Mark

I thought for a while and played around with a pencil and some paper, and have finally came up with my emblem. It's simple, pretty, and exclusively mine. It is nothing more than my handwritten initial (the letter J) with a heart around it, in a circle. It's crisp and neat. Not too fancy. Very nice.

It will be burned or painted on my throne, my paddles, maybe on a collar or two. More intriguingly, it will be branded on the ass of my slaves. Aside from it being beautiful body art, it will be delightfully sadistic, and it will prove my slaves' service and devotion to me indefinitely. It carries a psychological impact on a slave, as it reminds him that he is no longer a free person, but the property of the Mistress that he loves, and who loves and cherishes him as well.

My search for a branding iron seemed easy when I searched "custom branding irons" and yielded over 70,000 results, but the choices made my head spin. There are the kind for branding steak, and there is another kind for branding wood, and yet another kind for branding cattle. There are electric, fire-heated, and freeze branding types available. I would think the best choice would be the steak branding kind, because steak is "fleshier" than wood and not covered in hair and thick skin like cattle.

The branding will be ceremonial, exchanging a vow to one another. His a vow of devotion, service and obedience, mine a vow of love, protection and care. 

Note: ALWAYS attend a workshop or demo of some kind before attempting this kind of play. Serious problems can occur if attempted by an inexperienced or unknowledgable person.

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ibiackrosesi said...

Beautifully written! Congratulations on your mark and good luck finding a branding iron. You're one of the most amazing women I know. :)