Thursday, May 19, 2011

... and I have papers to prove it

I have been struggling with the fact that my beautiful and beloved sissy maid is going away for work for the summer. Granted, she won't be terribly far away, but I am used to having her right up the road and seeing her every week. I will be lucky to see her a handful of times this summer, and I already miss her something terrible.
We have been having a lot of heart to heart chats online lately, talking about how hard it will be and how to be strong. Luckily, she will have her laptop and internet on the road with her.
Five days ago, while I was feeling sad at the thought of a sissy-less summer, she told me that she had something for me, and she hoped I wouldn't be mad.
In the photo sharing feature she posted this:
She had registered. She has actually gone to the slave registry and registered as My own. I was so overcome, I cried. Traditionally, a sub wouldn't do something like this without discussing it with thier Dominant, but Sissy and I love and respect each other so deeply, she was almost sure I would be pleased. She took the risk and she won. I was delighted. This is the best gift I could ever receive from a slave. She had given herself to me, body, mind, heart and soul, and now I have papers to prove it.

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