Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sissy Balls

I get sissy balls tomorrow.
Big hot round delicious sissy balls.
You may think you want some. You may think you want no part of it.
If only you knew.

As a gift last week, my wonderful sissy maid brought me three gigantic homemade meatballs in sauce. Now, let me explain, my grandmother was real Italian FROM Italy. Because of that, I am very picky about, and even critical of, Italian food. No one made anything remotely as good as her. These meatballs, I swear, I was speechless. The only words that could escape my lips were "Holy shit."
I immediately got my sissy on the instant messenger and demanded more meatballs. Alas, more meatballs could not be brought. I got the last three.
Tomorrow, sissy will dress in her ruffled black maid's uniform, stockings and 5" heels. She will be chained to the stove in my kitchen making meatballs.... er.... sissyballs, all morning long. I will be stocked on sissy balls for a good long while.
Tomorrow needs to hurry up.

Update: Sissyball day is finally here!! YES!!! Ohhh yesssss!!!

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