Friday, April 22, 2011

Slow Down!

I see it all the time.
I meet someone and tell them about kink.
Or they read my blog.
Or they see a kinky movie or piece of porn.
Or they see my slave and think "I want one."
Or maybe they have cultivated an interest in the lifestyle some other way.... 
And then they jump in head first claiming to be a Master or a Mistress and deciding to experiment with their new found kink on whatever oblivious soul will let them.
That's great. That's great that you are intrigued. Great that you are excited. 
This shit is only safe if you KNOW what you are doing!!!
 You CANNOT just decide you are gonna play with bondage if you don't know any knots. It's not just wrapping someone in rope! It's really not. Some knots slip and become too tight, cutting off circulation and are really hard to get untied.
You can't just up and start choking people without knowledge of breath play.
You can't just start beating on someone if you haven't discussed it first. Safewords. Negotiations.
Don't even THINK of swinging a single tail whip on someone without prior instruction. 
Fire play, knife play, needle play....any kind of edge play should ONLY be attempted by someone EXPERIENCED in bdsm, who was INSTRUCTED by someone experienced in that particular activity.
I know. It's exciting. You wanna try everything. You wanna play with everyone. I remember feeling that way.
Study. Read. Do your homework. MEET LOCAL KINKSTERS! Attend demos. Learn the shit you need to learn to keep it safe. Where are your safety shears? Where is your fire extinguisher? Where is your medical release? Yeah, it's like that. This isn't something you just.... do. It's something you HAVE to LEARN.
Don't ever be afraid to admit you are new to the scene. NEVER lie about your experience level. EVER. You will not be judged for being new, but you will be judged for being a liar. Your fetish community is more than happy to guide you, help you, and teach you in any way possible. There is also plenty to learn online, including safety measures, tutorials, online and webcam demos.
We live by the mantra of Safe, Sane, and Consensual.
Let's keep it that way.

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