Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Stuck" on Needle Play

Even as a Dominant, we all have limits. For as long as I have been in the lifestyle, needles were a limit. Blood is a limit. Not just a limit, but a big fat "OH HELL NO!"
I never really thought about why I was so uncomfortable with the idea of drawing blood, and in talking with my beloved Terry, I realized it's ACCIDENTAL blood that freaks me out. If you weren't expecting it, if it wasn't SUPPOSED to happen, like when I accidentally split my former slave's ballsack open like a butterfly shrimp! That constitutes a mild emergency and a screeching halt to playtime. Who wants that? I would have to say no one.
Enter my new friend. We had dinner at his home with his two beautiful slave girls last night. After the girls served us a lovely dinner in their panties and aprons, we all retired to the living room for some coffee and conversation, where the topic of needles came up.
Our lovely host was kind enough to give me an in depth lesson on needle play and safety, and handed me a tray full of needles to use on my Terry.
Oh what FUN!!!
As a sadist, I loved this, as the more you use the same needle (on the same person of course) the duller the needle becomes and in turn, the more pain it inflicts.
As an artist, I adored this. The different gauges of needle each have a different colored hub. Oh the designs and patterns I can make! I am already envisioning my initial in script done in needles.
Terry got a wonderful buzz from the needle play, and had to lay face down for some time before he was able to sit up so we could go. He didn't stop smiling until he went to bed, and he was probably still smiling then!
I am so thankful to my new friends for teaching me a fun, artistic, and sadistic new fetish. Can't wait to play with needles again!!!

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