Monday, October 24, 2011

Wrist and Ankle Bondage Restraints Tutorial

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I have made this photo tutorial by request from a fellow kinkster,  and thought I would share it for anyone who wants to learn a simple, effective and safe rope restraint to use with their partner. 

 Make a "lark's head" knot over the ankle or wrist, as shown. 
 Pull on the loop, in order to get some slack, and wrap the loop and the extra slack around the limb. The ropes from the loop should be on the outside, and the long ends on the inside.
Wrap the loop around again. You may have to help the ropes move around the wrist or ankle. You should now have 6 ropes around the limb. They should be comfortable and snug but not tight. If you can't easily slip a finger between the ropes and the limb, they are TOO TIGHT. 
You can now choose to do a 4th wrap (making 8 ropes around the limb) if you like. Remember the wider the restraint it, the more surface area is covers, spreading out the pressure and the less discomfort it causes. I like to use 3 on a wrist and 4 on an ankle. 
For this tutorial, I just used 3.
Take one of the long ends and pass it under HALF of the wraps, starting at the outside and pulling it out through the middle.
 Repeat on the other side. Your restraint should now look like this.
 Repeat on both sides, so you now have double looped the ends around the ropes. This "locks" the restraint in place, so no matter how much your partner wiggles, the ropes will NOT tighten on them and cut off circulation.
This is how it should look when finished!
Remember bondage always looks and feels nicer when the ropes are smooth and even. 
Now take those loose ends and tie them to a bedpost or to each other or whatever you want. HAVE FUN! PLAY SAFE! Don't forget your safety shears!


Jessica said...

Lovely tutorial! We shared it on our FB:

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