Monday, June 13, 2011

Cock and Ball Bondage Tutorial II

Good morning, dear readers, I am back to share another fun cock and ball bondage tutorial! This one is simple and pretty, and has lots of options.

Remember to apply powder to absorb any excess moisture and help the ropes slide easily (this helps prevent pinching). 

Make a simple overhand knot in the MIDDLE of your rope (as always, I used 5/32poly cord).

Slip the knot over the cock and balls and pull to a comfortable tightness.
Take the right side of the rope and lay it across the cock to the left.

Lay the left hand rope across the TOP of the right hand rope (the one you just layed across)...

and bring it down UNDER the cock.

Bring it up and over, feeding the cord through the newly-created loop.

Pull to tighten to a snug yet comfortable tightness.

Experienced riggers or macrame artists may recognize this as a square knot. Essentially, you are simply wrapping the cock in a basic square knot. More knots and hitches can be seen in my blog entry Knowing the Ropes II - basic Bondage Knots.

Repeat this knot again, this time starting on the opposite side.
Continue making the knots until you reach the end of the penis.

I will say, this is much easier and looks much nicer on a HARD cock, but we were so busy fussing with taking the photos, we killed the "mood" a little. That's ok though, we got it figured out for you, readers.
Now you can use the remaining rope for a nice little leash to keep your naughty slave where he belongs.
Or, feeling a little more evil? 

Put the loose ends through the ring on the slave collar.

Secure with a couple of half-hitches....

and wrap the excess neatly around the cord (this is called a barrel roll or barrel tie, and looks awesome!)

Now have fun! Tease or torture to your heart's content.


70Chaz said...

Thank you again for these tutorials.. You wouldn't happen to have any training how-to videos would you? I would like for my wife to be a bit more Dominant, she is just not sure about how to go about it(she is generally pretty passive,harm none ,Blessed Be, and such) I am pretty assertive , and would just like to "switch" roles at times.. Any advise? I believe she might have e mailed you recently, thanks again for your blog, looking forward to any response..70chaz

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