Monday, September 12, 2011

Looking to Be a Live-In Submissive

I can't tell you the countless emails I get from men asking for a live-in situation. Are they stupid? Do they think I am stupid? Can you imagine? "Yes, I like your profile, you can move in right away." Not in this lifetime!!!

Choosing a submissive for a live-in situation, or for any situation, is a serious undertaking. This is your HOME we are talking about. A submissive looking for a brief session has to go through a meeting process, and interview and inspection process AND provide references before they can even come to my playspace for an hour! What in the HELL makes these people think that by calling me cute names like "Goddess" and promising eternal slavery is going to make me let them move in with me?!

A live-in submissive needs to be someone you KNOW, and someone who is well known in the bdsm community. My subs who are looking for a live-in situation need to be friends (and I mean active friends) with me for at LEAST a year, and then 6 solid months of training on top of that. They have to come for short visits, then weekend visits, then long (1-2 week) visits before they can even be considered for a live-in relationship.

I don't care if you lost your job. I don't care if you live with your parents. I don't care if you are getting evicted next week. I don't care if your Mistress from 8 years ago who lives 500 miles away can provide me with a killer reference. I don't know you. You aren't coming to my house. Are you seriously that arrogant that you think you can send me two flirtatious messages and I am going to move you right in? Get over yourself.

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