Monday, September 12, 2011


After a long several months of not having my sissy maid to serve Me, she has finally returned home where she belongs. It was a joyous reunion, complete with tears, and she finally got to wear the beautiful Italian silk uniform that I had chosen for her that has been hanging in my closet for over 6 weeks.

She arrived on time and bestowed upon me some lovely gifts, and soon after we proceeded to the playspace. I collared her, and presented her with her new italian silk uniform and matching shoes.
Sissy and I took our time together. Hell it took almost an hour just to lace her into her new uniform for the first time.
We didn't care about service, we didn't care about play. All we cared about was that we were FINALLY together again. I relished in making her beautiful, after carefully applying her makeup and dressing her, we spent some time just being together; laughing and hugging and being silly. Isn't she beautiful?

She loves me.

It didn't take long before I wanted to warm up the ol' impact toys. Her ass is just too spankable to not give any attention to. It had been months since she has felt the sting of my paddle, and I could tell her pain tolerance had gone way down... but it needed to be done. She needed to think of me every time she sat down.

To satisfy her need to serve, she folded several baskets of laundry, but service wasn't on my mind. We just wanted to be near each other. Sometimes, when a Domme and a sub are as emotionally connected as we are, being together is all that matters.

My sissy's thoughts on coming home:
Reunion with my Mistress.

  For those that are faithful readers of this blog, you know that I was working out of town for the summer, and wasn't able to serve my Mistress for almost five long months. We did see each other over that time, but they were only short visits, with no sissy time. I can't even tell you how difficult that was for us both. She was also understanding enough to release me from my chastity cage, so it wouldn't interfere with the physical labor required for my job. I locked it on when I could, but it's just not the same. We did keep in constant communication, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
  We did do some "sissy shopping", as Mistress likes to call it, so that helped too. She picked out a beautiful new maid uniform for me, shoes and all, and it was pure torture waiting the last month to wear it for her.
  Finally, the day was here that we were reuinited properly. We chatted for a little while, kind of letting the anticipation we both felt build a little more. Then, it was time to dress in my new uniform...
  The first thing she did, was put my collar on, and replace the cheap little lock on my CB with Her lock...the one I have no keys for. Hearing the click of that lock was soothing, and it felt so wonderful to be under her control again.
  Mistress did my makeup for me (she is awesome at it) so I would look as good as possible, and then directed me to put on my black fishnet stockings. Then it was time to dress.
  We both just stood there for a moment, admiring my new uniform on the hanger. It is absolutely beautiful! Custom made for me from Italian silk, it has a corset type lace up bodice and back, with pretty white bows at the short sleeves, full black petticoat, matching lace trimmed panties, lacy headband, and two different full style, and a shorter waist apron. I was so excited just looking at it.
  Mistress Julianna wanted the pleasure of dressing me in it for the first time. I can't even describe how I felt when she started dressing me. As she pulled it over my head and into place, and started adjusting the back lacing, all of these emotions washed over me. I was back with my Mistress after so long, and she was dressing me in a beautiful new uniform to serve her. I couldn't help it, I started to tear up a little. She saw this, smiled her beautiful smile at me, and "warned" me not to mess up my make-up. I told her I would do my best, but felt like I was going to start blubbering any minute! I was just so happy.
  She kissed me on the cheek, and went back to dressing me. When the dress was to her satisfaction, she handed me the panties and petticoat to step into. With those in place, she put the full apron on me, adjusting the straps, and tieing a beautiful big bow in back. She said she loved the way the bow sat right at the top of my butt. She gave me my new shoes, and watched intently as I put them on and buckled the ankle straps. Kneeling before her, she put the final peice on...the beautiful headband. Putting her hand on my chin, she raised my head and looked into my eyes and said "You look absolutely wonderful sissy".
  Having me stand, she just stood there and looked at me for a few minutes, smiling her wonderful, devious smile all the time. After a whole bunch of pictures, it was finally playtime for Mistress. I won't go into a lot of detail, as those sessions are very private for us, but let's just say she LOVES spanking me, and she hadn't for 5 do the math...LOL
  I spent the rest of our time together enjoying being back with my wonderful Mistress, whom I missed so much over the summer. I brought her drinks, and anything else she wanted, and spent some time folding laundry for her. I was in sissy heaven. I was with my Mistress, serving her as a sissy maid should, trying to make her life easier. It was all I could do to not spend the whole day blubbering tears of sissy joy, but I made it.
  I lover her so's good to be home.

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Anonymous said...

Your reunion with your sissy was beautiful to read.


Bruce Sebring van Der Linde said...

I am soon to be trained as a sissy by a Supreme Empress. The tender and sensitive story of your sissy's reunion gives me inspiration...thank you. Bruce, the Sea Captain

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