Monday, December 31, 2012

The Return of the Pig

Happy New Year, my lovelies! I hope the holiday season found you healthy, blessed, and of course, kinky and twisted! During my hiatus, I have been really focused on my business and vanilla life, and yes, I have missed you.
I am happy to announce that my departed slave, Bacon (you remember him, I know., will be joining me for a week of 24/7 service and play, and that he will be making his permanent return in the spring. A happy Queen am I.
I am also delighted in the anticipation of pairing him with my beloved sissy maid for hardcore service and kinky sex shows. Stay tuned to hear all about this adventure!


sterling1107 said...

Lady Julianna>> Great News!!! glad you are getting your Kink back on!!! i will look forward to more of your posts and activities...slave sterling

Anonymous said...

The dark as fallowed you to long. We all need to watch out backs before we end up in a hellish place. Trapped! You are the one who is weak, as we all are at times and just don't know it. You chose this life.